8+ Benefits of Adding Video to Your Blogs

Hi, Blogger! Here is Ankit! Today, In This Article, I will discuss some facts about adding video to your blogs and also how you get the Benefits of Adding Video Content to your blogs.

Benefits of Adding Video to Your Blog

Videos and other infographics have always been in trend. Video content has brought a major revolution in marketing and has changed the way people perceive a product. Videos are a great way of story-telling and grabbing viewers’ attention. Various researches have proved that video marketing is more effective than any other form of marketing. 

Online videos comprise 74% of the traffic online, and people are willing to pay a good amount of money for them. People are more interested in viewing a video than reading texts. There are multiple options to create a video that suits your audience and your content. It has now become easier to create videos and boost them on different social media platforms. 

Why you should add Adding Video to Your Blog

Here are a few reasons that why you should add video content to your blogs-


It adds a human touch to your blog. Video content makes it easier for you to connect with the audience and makes it look a lot more convincing.

Videos also make you look trustworthy. It shows that it is a real deal and does not include a scam or any other malpractice. It creates a bond with the viewers. Personalized video testimonials show the authenticity of your work. You can communicate on deeper levels. It is a fact that people usually focus more on listening than reading.


2). Easy to create

It’s now easy to make a video with so many low-cost yet effective equipment and software options available in the market for creating and editing videos. There are also a lot of informative video creation blogs available online for creators.

Many web-based platforms like InVideo allow you to create videos within ten minutes. They have pre-made templates, blank templates, text-to-video features, etc. 

These platforms have made video editing effortless and straightforward. While creating a video, you can just go with the flow and not worry about the basics. You can also create videos that work according to your content- like educational, interactive, promotional, entertainment, etc.


3). Search Engines’ First Choice

According to the algorithm of search engines, websites or blogs with video content rank higher in search results than text-based content. It is also because people spend more time on websites or blogs which have videos.

The number of click rates is higher, and the bounce rates are comparatively less. Videos are easy to share on different platforms like YouTube or any other social media. 


4). Gives You an Edge

A good number of people have started using video content, but still, a significant fraction of the audience remains loyal to text-based content. By regularly posting videos, you will become the audience’s first choice.

You will gain more attention and attract greater traffic than your competitors. It is a good way of telling the story behind your company. Using live streaming, you can connect with people from everywhere and exchange ideas on a greater level.



The number of mobile phone users has increased drastically in the past few years. The highest number of views on different social media platforms comes from mobile phones. By investing in video marketing, you are increasing your brand visibility and attracting potential customers for growth. 

Vertical videos are pretty in trend on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. It is essential to create videos that are mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly to witness an increase in customers. 


6). Easy to Consume

In today’s busy world, everyone wants to save time, and video content comes to the rescue to save time. The viewers do not need to read the lengthy texts and go through all the content. They can also adjust the speed of the video, replay it, translate it, etc.

The video also gives a clear picture of the product, and your audience can have a look at it in real-time. Video appeals to the audience’s visuals. You can quickly gain new viewers and increase site traffic. 

Videos are an excellent way to make boring content a lot more interesting. You can add visuals, infographics, etc. It simplifies the message that you are trying to deliver and makes it intriguing.

It is easier for the viewers to comprehend information from the video than from long paragraphs. All these features make video content easy to absorb by today’s audience.


7).Boost Sales

One of the best advantages of video content is that it increases your sales. You can create different types of videos suiting your brand’s requirements. Videos have a high reach and visibility, which helps in increasing your sales.

Videos are considered more convincing than texts and leave a mark on the viewer’s mind. Create videos that will hit your target audience. You only need to optimize the videos according to the audience’s preferences, location, etc., and you are done. 


8). Videos Create a Personality

Posting videos that show your work culture, teammates, and the story behind your product, helps in creating a brand outline in front of the audience. Video will show the unseen aspect of your business and gain their trust.

They become a part of your journey. It also gives a professional and organized look to your website. The most common type of videos you can post is- customer testimonials, tips, tricks, product demonstration and reviews, entertainment pieces, introductory videos, etc. 

Final Thoughts about Adding Video to Your Blogs

Creating and posting videos opens a window to the world, allowing you to display your true potential. Videos can reach a large number of people all across the globe within no time. It is the best way to attract and influence your target audience. It is fast, effective, entertaining, and convenient.

A properly optimized video will multiply your sales within no time. It adds a spark to your website or blog and leaves an impact on viewers. People generally search for engaging and creative content, and there is no other way than video marketing. Undoubtedly, video content will always be one of the leading marketing methods and will soon dominate the entire online marketing sector.


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