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Ankit Singla Biography

Ankit Singla Biography

Ankit Singla Biography

He is an Indian full-time Blogger and Digital Marketer from New Delhi. He provides blogging tips tricks and advice through his Website is Knows Master Blogging.

In January 2019, he launched Master Blogging Pro. His success is not obtained overnight, as he consumed more than 2 years to became a successful blogger. He gives speeches in several areas about blogging. At the earlier stages of his life, he has been a data entry operator, coaching center teacher.

Ankit Singla Quick Bio

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Ankit Singla was 17 when someone introduced him to the concept of MLM (Multi-Level Marketing). He was excited to look at the earning potential. It entailed just convincing two more people to join the program. This is indeed how MLM companies lure people into signing up.

Ankit Singla convinced his mom and borrowed Rs 8,000 from her, promising to return the amount immediately after getting his first income. He became a member of the MLM scheme, and now the task was to find just two others. But for a student like him, it is not easy to find someone in his friends’ circle.

Ankit Singla decided to work hard and earn and return the foregone money to his friends and his mother. He worked as a part-time data-entry operator, earning Rs 50 per hour.

Ankit Singla also started teaching at coaching centers and started providing private tuition as well. In a couple of months, he was able to return some of the money to his friends.

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Ankit Singla Biography

Some Important Point Which Ankit Singla Wants To say New Blogger 

  1. New bloggers make a mistake while finalizing their niche. If you find the right audience and the right products, then you would be able to promote the products on your blog.
  2. Study your market and your niche. Be as specific as possible to define the target audience for your blog.
  3. It is better to spend 2-3 months in dedicated learning rather than wasting six months experimenting and then learning from mistakes.
  4. It is not necessary to write an article every single day. Rather, write two high-quality articles in a month. In a month, if you spend a collective 30 hours you can easily write two articles.
  5. Never stop learning. Always keep on learning to scale your blog.

Some facts about Ankit Singla

  1. Does Ankit Singla Smoke?- No
  2. Does Ankit Singla Drink:-No
  3. In January 2019, Ankit was selected as a Judge for content challenge created by Semrush.
  4. He has received a memento from Pranav Jha, a digital marketing strategist.
  5. Before his blogging career, he was doing MLM business in which he faced a huge loss.

Ankit Singla Social Media Links

He is More active on his social media Page such as Instagram and Facebook etc. Thus he has a good fan following on his social media accounts.

Email id:-Ankit


  1. YouTube 10M + subscribers – (Visit)
  2. Instagram: 1.5 k + followers (Visit)
  3. Facebook: 4k + Likes on his Page (Visit)
  4. Twitter: 2.5k + followers (Visit)

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