8+ Best Backlink Checker Tools 2024: Spy on Competitor Backlinks

Hi Blogger, Here Is Ankit! Are you looking for the best free Backlink checker tools 2024? then you are in the right place. In this blog post, I will share the Free Backlink Checker Tools Which helps to Spy the Competitor Backlink.

For every organization or company today, presence on the web is of prime importance. One way is what you see brands doing. They create ads that you often see on your Spectrum Bundles and other digital platforms to stay visible and relevant to their customers. 

Companies require a good digital blueprint to get more clients, make more sales, and enjoy a stable revenue stream. One essential way to do all that is through search engine optimization (SEO).

It helps businesses to adopt certain practices that rank their web URLs higher on search engines. And one of the best ways to do so is by creating quality Do-follow backlinks Sites.

Backlinks are links to your website that are present on other websites. Their quality, as well as quantity, can push your business website to rank higher in search engines like Google or others. 

There are many tools that can help you improve the health of your backlinks. They will also enable you to keep an eye on your competitors. Read about some of the best backlink checkers in this blog.

Free Backlink Checker Tools 2024

Here are the Best Backlink checker tools 2024 that I share in this blog which helps to Spy your competitor Backlinks and increasing rank on google.

when you start a blog then we need to spy on the Competitor backlink which helps to Compete and Grow your blog.

1). Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO covers many aspects of search engine optimization and helps webmasters with their quality backlink check. This checker can crawl the web itself and help you find all the backlinks to your website.

Along with this, it can also tell you about the number of referring domains as well as IP addresses. You can also see anchor text and much more with the help of Majestic SEO. The tool is free but you can get access to more information with the help of a subscription.

2). Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools to check your backlinks. The tool will give you a detailed analysis of the number of backlinks you have. It will also show where they originate from and provide you details regarding the anchor text.

You can sign up for a paid subscription to help you get more analytics in detail. You can also get the information of backlinks of another company and create a better strategy backlinking strategy for your business.

3). Moz Site Explorer

Moz is known as one of the most famous authorities in the world of SEO. One of their tools is the Open Site Explorer. It is regarded as one of the best tools for backlink analysis. You can have a look at the number of backlinks for your website and even check their quality.

You can also get access to information such as spam scores and domain authority. With the help of a free subscription, you can get access to all these tools. However, if you are looking for more features such as reporting and tracking, you will need to create a paid account.

4). Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the most powerful tools to analyze the overall health of your website. It is a webmaster tool that can help you check the links coming back to your website. You can also have a look at the search traffic.

The tool also provides important information such as the most liked content and the site that provides the most backlinks. It also provides details of the anchor text. Unlike other tools, you can only use the Google Search Console to evaluate the health of backlinks for your website only. If you are looking forward to doing competitor analysis, you will need to sign up on other tools.    


SEMRush is a popular search engine optimization platform. It comes with many features such as keyword research, backlinks evaluation, and keyword average searches.

The backlinks feature will allow you to get detailed information about all the backlinks coming to your website. However, do note that you cannot get enough services if you are using SEMRush for free. You will need a premium account to use the service to its full potential.

6). Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is another tool to check the health of backlinks. However, unlike other tools, it specializes in getting information on the backlinks of competitors.

You can see various metrics such as the number of links, page ranking on the search engine, and the anchor text. You can also sort links into dofollow and nofollow.

7). Neil Patel Backlink Checker

Neil Patel is a popular digital marketing blog. There are a number of useful tools available on his website, Neilpatel.com. These are free tools.

So, if you don’t have a budget for an expensive premium tool, this is where you can start your SEO analysis.

8). Open Link Profiler

It is the newest backlink checker tool. It only includes a free version. It permits checking all the backlinks beside the newer backlinks inform to the website. It helps to trace the Latest backlinks in form of  CSV format.

This Tool indicates as many as 2,00,000 backlinks according to the report, and as many as 1000 backlinks are exported to the CSV format.

Final Word About Backlink Checker Tools

Search engine optimization isn’t as complex as it sounds. There is no magic pill to get results, but there are things you can do to achieve it such as backlink & Profile Creation, and more

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