23 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2024 (FREE)

Hi Blogger, Here Is Ankit! In This Post, I’ll Suggestion Some good Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2024 and also discuss the Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2024 Which help you to save time & Money.

These days everyone seems to be a blogger, but it is certainly not as easy as you’d think. There are many things a blogger needs to do daily to keep their blog fresh, relevant, and up-to-date.

To that end, Google Chrome has many great extensions for bloggers that help with writing great content, keyword research, SEO, and time management.

Whether you are starting a blog about an ISP like Cox Cable or a fashion blog about Sephora, these extensions are helpful for all niches.  

Optimizing a blog can be time-consuming. However, you can cut that time in half by installing these extensions from the Chrome Web Store.  

10 +Chrome Extensions For Bloggers 2024 To Save Tons Of Your Time

After doing a lot of research, I will be Suggesting more than 10+ Chrome Extensions For Bloggers, Which help you to save Tons of time & Money.

Here is a List of Free Chrome Extensions For Bloggers, are:-

1. Grammarly

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Grammarly premium is certainly a good investment for those who make frequent mistakes in their writing.

It also allows you to set goals for your tone, audience, and style to suggest edits accordingly. You can use the extension almost all over the web as well. Get Grammarly and add an extra pair of eyes to your content as you write it.  



Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Not all bloggers are SEO experts, and they don’t even have to be. With tools like SEOquake, it gets a lot simpler. Designed by SEMrush, this Google Chrome extension is your best option for a free SEO toolkit. 

SEOquake gives you access to a lot with just one extension. You can use it to check for a website’s authority, Alexa ranking, Facebook likes, SEMrush rank, and Google index rank.  

The extension also offers SEO and keyword audit reports and gives you a link analysis as well. Before you even click on the link, you can see SEO metrics for any website on the Google search result page. It sounds too good to be true, but you have to believe it. SEOquake is the only thing keeping you away from an optimized blog.   


Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Bulk emails can be a hassle to send. They take a lot of time and effort, and there is a lot of room for error. You may spend hours just listing the email IDs you want to reach out to. All that said, sending out emails with every blog post can be a great way to boost readership.   

GMass can help you here. You can link the extension to a Google sheet with a list of email IDs.  You only have to compose a list one time, and GMass will send out all your emails with just one click. You can send up to 10,000 emails at once, every time.  


Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

There are so many distractions on the internet that can force anyone to procrastinate. For example, news articles, random online quizzes, Twitter, and TikTok videos can take up so much of your time. If you spend hours on end scrolling through social media, this extension is for you.  

StayFocusd can be used to limit how much time you spend on a website. You can list down some websites you waste the most time on and allow each website a fixed time every day.

Once you exceed that time frame for any website, StayFocusd will block it. The extension can be a great way to keep yourself in check all the time.   

5. Buffer  

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Buffer is a well-known tool to help with managing social media posts. Social media helps create engaging posts that can redirect people to your blog. Therefore, blogging is not just about your website these days. You need to have an active social media presence as well.  

Buffer can help you create social media posts with just one click. You can schedule all your posts on different social channels by linking Buffer with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. After that, you might forget to post on social media on time, but Buffer never will.  

 6. Pocket  

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

When you are researching a particular topic, all the information you find can be daunting to go through. Opening too many tabs can be messy and leave you in disarray.

Moreover, you might mix things up and forget to read a blog or watching a video. The pocket can be your best friend and sort out all the mess for you.  

You can use Pocket to save infographics, videos, spreadsheets, articles, and just about anything you find online. You no longer need to email yourself links or keep everything separate during research.

All your saved links can be accessed through Pocket anywhere and on any of your devices. This Google Chrome extension can make research easy and organized.  


Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

SimilarWeb is an analysis tool that will give you all the details about the website, such as:

  1. Source of Traffic for That Specific Website
  2. Top-ranked Keyword on That Website.
  3. Where They Get the Most Referrals.
  4. Social Traffic Also displays competitors’ websites.

I think this tool is one of the free competitor analysis tools I currently use to keep track of the growth of my competition LinkBack. and Keyword This is an absolutely free Chrome extension, and you can upgrade it to get more features as well.

8. Keywords Everywhere

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Keywords everywhere extension helps you find keywords. Shield Keywords related to them, “Persons looking for”, trends and “Keywords of long tail” on the right side of the Google search results page.

There are Google Trends, YouTube, Amazon, etc. metrics. It is a simple but very useful chrome extension that allows you to find new and related keywords in your niche.

9. Moz Bar

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

MozBar extension from Moz is the all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go. With this extension, you can instantly find metrics while viewing each page or SERP.

MozBar extension can check page authority and website or page authority, compare link metrics, highlight keywords on a page, view page elements, markup, HTTP status and export your SERP analysis to CSV file. You also get keyword difficulties, page optimization tips, SERP analytics data, etc. with MozBar Premium.

10. Mailtrack

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

It is important for bloggers to email multiple people to promote their products and drive traffic to their blogs. The Mailtrack extension helps bloggers understand the status of emails being sent to recipients.

It helps to understand when emails were delivered when they were opened, how often they were opened, and at what time interval.

All of these functions in mail track are made available with your Gmail account and it is very useful to use this extension in managing all of your email campaigns.

Final Verdict Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

There is so much you can do with Google Chrome extensions these days. Among all the amazing extensions, however, one might get overwhelmed and confused. Installing too many of them can also make your browser slow. So, make sure you only install the ones you actually need.

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