How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Ranking In 2022

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How does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

The digital world is taking a new turn. SEO is the primary entity ruling the world. The online market is surging, and many businesses are making numerous continuous efforts to come to the top of Google search pages. Have you thought, what if no one notices your website? The thought of this might startle you. 

Swift and smooth websites usually grab a better ranking in the Google search engine. It can only happen when your website is hosted by one of the best WordPress hosting providers. Yes, hosting affects the SEO of a website. The article throws light on how hosting affects the SEO of a website and why it is essential to select a reliable web hosting provider for your website. 

6 Major Ways Web Hosting Can affect SEO in 2022

Does Web Hosting Affect SEO Ranking

1).Website speed

One of the major factors determining the performance of your website is speed. Visitors bounce off the website, which is slow loading. This can deeply hurt your business model. Thus, website loading speed is directly proportional to the organic ranking. 

The quality of web hosting affects the speed. A good hosting provider mitigates the loading time and enhances the stability of the website. The methods such as optimizing images, stripping out plugins, and several other conventional methods cannot match this level. 


Though reliability and speed are a vital part of a website, security also holds a good position in surging traffic. All search engines, including Google, give preference to those websites which are secure. For example, the Google search engine algorithm prefers websites that possess SSL certificates. 

Your web hosting provider must offer security features that are crucial for the overall security of the site. Hence, you should choose the provider with an excellent track record and facilitate ultra-modern security features. Remember, if your website gets hacked in any way, it will leave a long-term impact on your SEO ranking. 

3).Tech Support 

Having in-house IT support does not make much difference, but every website or business must have dedicated 24/7 technical support provided by the web hosting provider. This support assists if you have any urgent issue to be resolved readily, such as a slow website, hijacking issue, etc. 

A capable and proficient team will make every effort to ensure that the website is running properly and is up. A website with no glitches will automatically boost your SEO. 


In this Digital Era, Server Location is a very crucial impact on your SEO, With the many websites offering the same server Services, then Search engine gives the priority based on the location of Search Query 

Like if your server location in India and you are targeting for Indian keyword then it’s a higher chance to rank in the Indian Location. Because your Web server location in India

According to my, the Web Hosting Server Location may be affected by SEO.

5). Database connection failures 

You must have seen a Database Connection failed message or Internal Server Error while visiting a website. This error indicates that the site is facing a severe issue accessing the files or folders required to display content to the visitor. It usually occurs when many visitors concurrently access the database. 

It is a prime responsibility of a hosting provider to keep a close check on data overloading. The two main steps to mitigate the connections to the database are offloading popular pages and caching files on attentive servers. However, upgrading to a dedicated server or VPS (virtual private server) can also be a method to enhance durability and reliability. 

6).Server Downtime

It is the first and foremost thing that a good web host must possess. If a website frequently suffers web server downtime, it indicates that you have made mistakes while choosing a reliable web host. Several areas are affected by downtime, such as it brings SEO and SERP down and impacts the website’s overall performance. 

The entire process goes in this way. Your website is down or offline. The search engines receive a query, and your websites contain relatable content. The search engine will not find your website, and the technical glitch will deteriorate the SEO. Additionally, it will surge the bounce rate, which as a result will affect your website authority. 

Thus, it is better to go with the web hosting provider, ensuring a certain uptime percentage. The reliable and best host will offer 99.99% or even 100% uptime with 0% downtime.

Final Word About Does Web Hosting Affect SEO

It is vital to work on the ranking of your website to match the fastest-growing world and survive in the fierce competition. Users must notice your website on the top of search engine pages.

There are various ways to boost your website’s SEO, but they are relatively slow and take much time to show real impact. The best way to overcome this issue is to select the right web hosting provider. It can be the initial but effective step in the direction of an SEO-friendly website. 


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