How to Become a Computer Engineer | Step by Step Guide

Becoming a Computer Engineer comprises the basic knowledge of computer programming. It will give ample knowledge about the implementation design and management of the entire information system in both the aspects- hardware as well as software.

Why Computer Science Engineering? 

Today we all are connected or connecting with each other via various platforms where most of the platforms are developed by computer science engineers. One of the best examples to support this argument is metaverse or meta.   

“A metaverse is a graphical application that allows its users to game, meet, work, shop, etc.” 

The job of a computer science engineer is to design and develop new technologies. Today computer science engineer is developing various kinds of machines or smart machines. For example Self-driving cars, robots, etc. 

Reasons to choose computer engineering? 

Digital Age 

In this era, whatever we are consuming it is directly or indirectly through screens. It could be about current weather, news, etc. We all are living in the digital age driven by computer science. 

High Earnings 

The world of IT is continuously growing and providing more jobs in various sectors. Computer science engineering is a challenging specialization, which makes a degree respected all around the world. For example, according to a PayScale report, the average salary for a Software Development Director is 143,000 USD, and a Security Consultant earns 85,600 USD on average, per year. 

Variety of specializations 

A computer science engineer can work in many areas of life and business. When you complete your graduation in computer science, you’ll be faced with a variety of specializations and roles, such as: 

      • Software developer
      • Computer systems analyst
      • IT manager
      • Computer network architect
      • Mobile application designer or developer  
      • Research and development (R&D) scientist  
      • Computer scientist
      • Computer science researcher
      • Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer

Problem Solving Skills 

A computer science student can start their career with a variety of skills. Computer science students are in high demand all over the world. Studying computer science engineering enhances the problem-solving skills of a student. A computer science graduate thinks out of the box because of his critical thinking and complex analytical skills. 

Unlike mathematics, in which there is only one answer to a problem, computer science allows infinite solutions to the same problem; the goal is to find and take advantage of the most efficient solution. Computer applications can be written and developed in many ways to suit any purpose or user experience. Therefore, it provides a great window of creative opportunity for a professional. Once you have gained the knowledge and skills from your computer science degree, you can use your creative mind as well as your scientific mind in your day-to-day work. 

Global Opportunities 

A computer science graduate is in high demand all over the world. As we all know well, in this digital age, we all are dependent on newly introduced technologies. On daily basis, directly or indirectly we are consuming data from the internet. Computer science roles are carried out remotely. Starting a career in computer science can help you to launch your career in your home country and then travel, or look for international roles straight after graduation, you will find plenty of job opportunities.  

How to Become a Computer Engineer?

Becoming a Computer Science Engineer can often require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science is a 4-year degree course offered to students at the undergraduate level.

It aims to provide students with intricate knowledge of computer technologies and functional operations along with programming, coding, and Web and database development. After completing this course, a computer science graduate can start his career with big MNCs.   

A computer engineer may design computer peripherals to create specialized solutions or new technologies. These jobs involve detailed research and design and are at the core of computer engineering.

Companies like Intel and Samsung hire many computer engineers to design devices such as phones, processors, and routers. There are also many academic positions for computer engineering research and education.  

Pre-requisites for becoming a computer science engineer? 

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Thinking out of the box.
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics.
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Analytical Skills.
  • Basic knowledge of computers.

What does a computer engineer do? 

A computer science engineer develops various kinds of applications like operating systems, compilers, etc. They also design complex algorithms for machines to operate smartly. Computer science engineers are mainly focused on building software. Computer science engineers also work on deploying technologies by installing and updating related equipment. Many organizations need computer engineers who can design and build computer networks and systems to provide them with access to the newest technology.  

Career(s) for Computer Science Engineer  

  1. Software Developers: This professional primarily works on software development which includes design and coding, programming, project management, etc. 
  2. Hardware Engineers: These professionals perform research, design, develop tests, etc. of the physical computer hardware such as processors, circuits, microprocessors, keyboards, printers, modems, etc. 
  3. System Analyst: They are the engineers who conduct research on the already existing problems related to systems, applications, etc. and they also coordinate with the development process of the applications also. 
  4. Networking Engineer: As the name suggests, these professionals work on the network. They configure, manage and troubleshoot all the things related to the computer network. 

These are only a few examples of the multiple career lines that emerge when you take a path in computer science. There are many more career paths that might interest you and you can follow them. 

Why External Certification(s) is mandatory for computer science engineers? 

Professional certificates from different are also an essential part of becoming a Computer Science Engineer. Getting these certificates proves your skill, excellence, and commitment to the field of computer science and shows your overall interest in learning new things. Well, getting these certificates is no easy task but that is one of the many reasons they are crucial in your technical journey. Below are the few certifications that you can consider and are primarily popular in the field: – 

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Certified Software Development Associate 
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Certified Software Development Professional 
  • Red Hat Certified Engineer 
  • Linux Foundation Certified Engineer 
  • Certified Wireless Network Engineer 
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 

What is the average salary of a computer science engineer?

In India, the average salary for a computer science engineer is 661,680 per year or 339 per hour. The average salary for entry-level workers in this field is 526,680 per year, while the average salary for experienced workers is 1,695,000 per year.  

Constituent of a Successful Computer Science Engineer


They are many positives when you become a computer engineer, but having an undying passion for the field is extremely critical and important. A passion and drive that keeps on moving you forward, fighting hard every day to gain even a small ounce of new knowledge because as a computer engineer, you’ll be learning new things throughout your career. So having a drive is very important. 


To be successful as a computer science engineer, you should not only possess skills and knowledge in computers but also have a soft blend of employability skills with technical knowledge. Skills like critical thinking, communication, Agile/Scrum, Project/Time management, etc. Computer engineers should be critical and should be able to see small and hidden details in every corner of translucent things, they should be great problem solvers as most of the work they do is solving real-world problems using computer systems and applications. Working on these will surely help you in succeeding as a computer engineer.  


As mentioned above, having certifications not only increases your knowledge and skill it also shows your commitment to the field of computer science. It’s a crucial part that you get certificates from vendors on the topics of your interest, this will help you to succeed as a computer engineer. 

4 Cs: 

Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communications, are an integral part of your success in every field in this world. Being good in these 4 Cs will help in climbing the ladder to your success and not only in the computer-related fields but in every other. It’s very important that you start working on these as soon as possible. 

Above are only a few points that a successful computer engineer should have. Make no mistake that this is not all of them, there are many more things that cannot be mentioned here. So, keep on trying your best in gaining new knowledge, experience and most important of all – don’t forget to have fun while doing those things. Follow your interest and you should be successful with sufficient effort. 

Final Thoughts and Conclusion: 

So, after going through the above points, you must have now a clear idea of the things required to become a computer engineer.

Remember there are many more career paths that you can take if you are interested in computer technical ankit, search for your interest and niche, and then follow the career path that interest you the most, and surely you will be successful after sufficient effort.

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