How To Create a Blog on Blogger In 2024 [Step-By-Step Guide Beginners]

Hi Viewers, if you’re planning to how to create a blog on blogger then in this article I’ll provide you Step by Step process on, how to create a blog on blogger in 2024 and become a pro.

After reading the full blog post, I can 100% assure you, that you can start a blog on blogger in 2024 blogging without any difficulties.

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

Blogger is a free, content publishing service forwarded by Google. It is a platform where writers share their ideas, articles, and content on individual subjects. It was created by Pyra Labs and later acquired by Google in 2003.

The blogs can be accessed by visiting the website, Nowadays people write blogs not just for personal purposes but also to fulfill their professional goals. Though the original purpose of blogging was to share personal lives, quite like an online journal. 

Through the decades, blogging has also evolved into a platform for content writing. It has turned out for professional growth like; gaining exposure, ranking in search engines, building an online identity, and connecting with new people. 

How To Create a Blogger [13 Easy Steps]

But if you are completely decided to start a blog on then we are here to help, you can follow these steps to create a blog on blogger.

Step1: Sign up for Blogger

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

The first step is signing in. 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Google Email and password and SIGN IN to the blogger on the right side up.  

Step2: Create a blog 

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1. After signing in, your screen will look like this 
  2. Now before creating or writing a blog, you need to choose a Theme for your page. 
  3. Go to the Theme column and select any theme of your choice. 
  4. After selecting the theme, click on the APPLY button. 

This theme will be visible to all the visitors to your page. 

Step3: Write New a Post

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1.  To create a post, go to the NEW POST
  2. After clicking on NEW POST, your screen will open like this, and you will get options to write Title and Content.

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

Step4: Using the toolbar 

Going in order from left to right

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1. Click on the pencil icon to change the view from Compose View to HTML View
  2. Click to undo the changes you made.
  3. Click to redo changes you undid.
  4. Click to change the font of your post.
  5. Click to change the text size6. Click to make text into a heading, subheading, or minor heading
  6. Click to bold text
  7. Click to italicize text
  8. Click to underline the text
  9. Click to strikethrough text
  10. Click to change the color of your text
  11. Click to change the text background-color 
  12. Click to make text into a link
  13. Click to insert a photo. 

Four options will appear on the screen 

Upload from computer




  1. Click to insert a video.

     Two options will appear on the screen 

     Upload from computer


  1. Click to insert Special Character
  2. Click to align text.
  3. Click to increase the indent.
  4. Click to decrease indent.
  5. Click on a bullet list.
  6. Click to quote text
  7. Click to insert jump break 
  8. Click on more options 

There you’ll get four more options to left to right layout, right to left layout, input tools, and clear formatting. 

Step5: Using the post setting menu

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

It is on the right side of the post field. 

  1. To add labels to your post, click the Labels tab to open it.
  2. Then type labels into the text box and close the tab.
  3. The labels will be words readers can search for your post with.
  4. Then, come to the option Published on.

Expand the Published Feature

  1. By expanding the Published tab, you’ll get two more options. i.e.Automatic and Set date and time  
  2. To schedule a date n time for your post you can set a date and time and select automatic and your post will automatically get published on the respective date and time. 
  3. To create your permalink, go to the Permalink tab and click on it. 
  4. To add your location, click the Location tab to expand it.
  5. The Options tab allows you to allow or disallow the readers’ comments.

Pro Tips:- Remove Date From Blogger Post URL

Step6: Publish your post

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

After you publish your post, your screen will look like this. 

Here you can manage your posts. 

Step7: Editing the layout of the post. 

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

In this tab, you can select the layout for your post.  

Like, such as search bar, header, page lists, ads, page body, and footer.

Step8: Add a Gadget 

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

Gadgets allow your readers to interact with your blog. 

You can choose any of the gadgets mentioned in the column. 

1  Click on the Add a Gadget and there you can add a gadget that is suitable for you.

2 When you find a gadget that meets your requirement, just click on it and close the tab.

For eg; In this image, you can see, I have chosen two gadgets here, Wikipedia gadget and Blog search gadgets

  1. Then, I click on view blog
  2. Then, my screen looks like this and when I click on the 3 horizontal bars, my gadgets tab will open like this. Here, I can see the gadgets that I have selected and my readers can interact with them.  

Step9: Configure a Gadget 

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1. To configure a gadget, click on the pencil icon of the gadget you want to configure. The configure box will pop up.

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1. The pop-up will open like this, you can configure any gadget from here. 
  2. Or, you can remove the gadget. 

Step10: Rearranging the gadgets

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1. The gadget bars with gray stripes are movable. 
  2. Just click left on the gadget that you want to move and drag it up or down. 

Step11: Removing the gadget

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1. To remove any gadget, first, click on the pencil icon of the gadget. 
  2. The configure box will pop up, there you’ll see the option to remove the gadget.
  3. Click on the remove button and your gadget will be removed.

Step12: Other settings

How To Create a Blog on Blogger

  1. For advanced Blogger Seo settings, Click on the settings. 
  2. There you can find settings for basic, privacy, publishing, HTTPS, permission, posts, comments, Email, formatting, meta tags, errors and redirects, crawlers and indexing, monetization, manage blogs, site feed, and general 

Step13: congratulations!!!

Now you know everything about using and making personal and professional blogs. 


Benefits of blogging for students

Here I’ll be discussing some benefits of blogging, which motivate you to start your own blog on blogger and Make Money Online.

1. You can learn new things

When you write a blog, you not only educate others but also learn many new different things. First of all, you’ll have to educate yourself about your niche before writing a blog. 

To increase the traffic to your blog, you’ll need to learn about search engine optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing.

In other words, blogging is not only about teaching but also about learning new things. 

2. You can improve your writing skills

The more you do something, the more you become a master in that skill. That’s 100% True!!! 

When you write a blog, you improve your writing skills and knowledge of grammar like; punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, etc. 

Even if you don’t focus much on your written content, still it unconsciously gets improves day by day. 

3. You can do E-Commerce business

When you understand the concept of SEO, you will understand how important blogging is for an E-Commerce business.

You can promote your content to its ideal customers. 

You can write blog posts that lead readers to engage with the items the other businesses you might be offering. And you could get a commission from them.

4. You can become an Author 

Bloggers who possess exceptional writing skills to have a large audience have great merit if they want to become published authors. 

Publishing companies look out for such bloggers and frequently tie up for writing projects.  

So, here you have a great chance of being published if you have great writing skills. 

5. You can receive a job offer

Blogging in the business-related niche can help you find a good job. 

Businesses that acknowledge content marketing always lookout for people who are good at content writing. 

Final Words about Creating a blog on Blogger

Now, you know how to use blogger in some simple steps and the benefits of writing a blog. Blog writing can help in many other things like; search engine optimization, social media marketing, and E-Commerce business. 

It is a great platform to educate and to learn as well.  

In This Article, I Provide all information regarding how to create a blog on bloggerI hope this article is very useful For Every Blogger.

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