How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger Godaddy 2021 [Complete Guide]

Hi Blogger! Here is Ankit Today in this Article I will Guide You on how to add a custom domain to blogger Godaddy 2021.  I will also give you Step by Step Guide on How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy.

How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger Godaddy 2021

In this article, I am going to Guide you that How To Add Custom Domain To Blogger. So today you will know how to add a custom domain to a blogger account. 

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

I have seen many of them who have been doing wrong to add the domain to blogger. Many people fail to add a custom domain to Blogger.
Because they always do small mistakes like not adding the C name properly for not reading the article or a blog that they read and taught that it will help them out.
So I am going to help you out to properly add the Custom Domain To Blogger. 

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

Step-1:- You should go to the official website of the blogger and sign in with your Gmail ID and password. After signing with your Gmail ID you will see the blogger’s Dashboard and click on the left top menu and then go to the settings option.
How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger with Godaddy

Step-2:- By clicking on the Settings option you will reach a page with lots of Function and many more features. Scroll down and you will find the option of a custom domain in the settings option. Click on the custom Domain’s option in the settings. By clicking on the custom domains option you will see a popup menu like this.

Type your Blog’s name or the niche which you have selected for your blog and click on the Save button.  By clicking on the save button you will see another popup menu with Some instructions Like.

Now don’t close this Tab and just open that website from which you purchased your Domain. In this article, I’m using Domains, because I have purchased the domain from Godaddy.Com.

Step-3:- After a move to your Godaddy account from where you have purchased your domain. Sign in with your Username from which you have purchased your Domain in Godaddy.

Go to the ‘My Domains’ option Click on the ‘Domain Settings’ Option. Under the subheading ‘All Products and Services’ You will see On Screen After Select Domain that you want To connect With Blogger

After Click on the DNS Management option. Under your Domain name, you will find the DNS setting option. Here You Will see the CName, which is nothing but Custom Name

Step4:– Go back to your blogger Add a custom domain and you will see some information down your domain highlighted in Red.

Now you will see that blogger is not able to verify your authorities to this domain so you have to locate your domain name system (DNS) with blogger. The instructions are clearly given that you have to enter to CName’s.

Step5:- go to  >my domains >Domain settings > Under domain settings you will see the Sub Heading Records. You will find Those Two CNames under ‘Records’. Now you have to change them with your Blogger CName’s. You have to Copy as shown below.        

You have to copy the First CName’s  Destination “” And paste it to First CName’s to ‘Points’. Remember to remove the @symbol before pasting.

Now you have to copy the second CName’s Destination “dvanz4org6r”   in ‘host’ and also copy “” In  ‘points to’

Step6:- Setup ‘A’ zone records in GoDaddy

Now it’s time to update the A zone records; i.e. IP addresses provided by the BlogSpot server. The process is the same as that of shown in the above steps; let’s do it.

Here you need to add 4 IP addresses which are common for all the blogger users at the same record table shown above.

Click on “ADD” >> In “Type” choose “A” >> in “Host” type “@” >> and in “Points to” field type “” As shown below;

Setting up BlogSpot Custom Domain To GoDaddy-Add A Name Record
Again as same as above, including all add following 4 address;

This is how you can set the domain IP addresses that now pointing to your Blogger server addresses. The final CNAME & A record table will be like this;

Now save both the options and refresh the page.  Go to your blogger’s Custom Domain and save it too.

Below the Custom Domains option, you will also see the ‘HTTPS option’ turn it on and You will also see the Redirect Domain Option turn it on too because by turning it on your Domain will be redirected. For to

After saving your Domain name it may take 20-30 minutes to redirect your Domain and some domains may even take 48 hours to change.

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Google Expert Suggestion:- I have a custom 3rd party Domain with Godaddy

If you have purchased your Domain from any other website like Namecheap, Bigrock, Hostinger Domains then you have to follow the same steps as mentioned, only some settings are different but the process is the same for all.

In Namecheap, you have to add all the settings by yourself like CName and other Records. Some websites use Name servers to identify the authority of your Domain.

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Conclusion of How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

In This Article, I Provide a List of information regarding how to add a custom domain to a blogger 2021. I hope this article is very useful For Every Blogger.

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