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Kulwant Nagi Biography


He is an Indian blogger Belong from Haryana. He started his career with a commission-based job called MLM. He also created an online marketing based website www.kulwantnagi.com. Later he initiated a blog named Blogging Cage to teach how to blog and eventually he became a successful blogger. Kulwant is the director of the internet company AffloSpark which is located in New Delhi.

Kulwant Nagi Quick Bio

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Kulwant Nagi Carrer & Early Life

During my college time, I started preparing for GRE (Graduate Record Examination) as I wanted to go to the USA for higher study. After preparing for this exam for more than 18 months, I cleared this exam with a big score and applied to 6 reputed universities in the USA.

To my surprise, I got admission to all universities and now the confusion was; where to go. One college offered me $11,000 scholarship, so obviously, this was my choice and it was Rochester Institute of Technology, NewYork, USA. I was too much excited to start my new life.

I booked my ticket for the USA (which was on 13th August 2010). So the excitement was on its par. But soon I came to know that we don’t have enough money to afford this education. We tried many banks, asked many relatives, many friends but no one was there to help us. In short – we were completely helpless.

I started my blogging career in 2011 and made my first dollar after 7 months.
Soon my Google AdSense account was banned in April 2013 and I started affiliate marketing. I want to help 100,000 Indian bloggers to kickstart their affiliate marketing career and help them make money by sitting in their home.

Kulwant Nagi photos

Kulwant Nagi Biography

Kulwant Nagi Biography

Kulwant Nagi Biography

Kulwant Nagi Biography

Kulwant Nagi Biography

Kulwant Nagi Biography

The mission behind Blogging As a Carrer

  • To find the hidden potential in you to become a top blogger.
  • To help the newbies who are struggling to start their first blog.
  • To help you make your blog a better blog and make money from it.
  • To motivate you by interviewing top bloggers.

Kulwant Nagi Networth

According to the CheckSitePrice website, the estimated monthly net income/salary of  [ is $5000(Approx) and has the estimated worth of $698K

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Frequently Ask Question About Blogging

Q1.what’s your take on Medium & LinkedIn as blogging platforms?

Kulwant: Both have a huge audience from all segments so raising your voice on these platforms is not difficult for anyone. You just need to find a recipe which is working in your niche, type of content which people love and I am looking forward to using both of these platforms in 2018 to touch more audience

Q2:- How much do you make every month through blogging? (This is the most interesting question that all my readers would love to learn from you)

Kulwant: I cannot reveal exact figures, but yeah, I make a decent 5-figure USD every month from blogging and various paid marketing activities. Last year we filed an ITR of 6.80 Lakh.

Q3. SEO is Dead. Your thoughts?

Kulwant: I’ve been hearing this for the last 4-5 years. When I started blogging in 2012, there were Panda updates, soon Penguin updates and many more updates.

Everyone was saying that SEO is dead. But 4-5 years down the line, we are still doing SEO and making money with it.

It’s technology, which will keep on changing and adjusting itself to the latest technological trends. As soon as technology changes, you must observe what new things are working now.

It’s like educating yourself every single day to keep you aligned with the technology and algorithms.

If you are still using the methods which were working before Panda and Penguin, you are a fool. Sorry to say that, but yeah, if you are still relying on those methods, SEO is dead for you.

But people who change themselves as per the technologies, understand the game, observe the changes and take actions, they will always win.

SEO will keep changing its forms but it will never be dead.

Kulwant Nagi Social Media Sites

He is very active on his social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook etc. Thus he has a good fan following on his social media accounts.

Email id:-kulwantnagi@gmail.com


  1. YouTube 618k + subscribers – (Visit)
  2. Instagram: 3k + followers (Visit)
  3. Facebook: 16k + Likes on his Page (Visit)
  4. Twitter: 4k + followers (Visit)
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Some  Known Facts About Kulwant Nagi

  1. Does Kulwant Nagi  Smoke?- No
  2. Does Kulwant Nagi  Drink:-No
  3. Kulwant Nagi’s age is 27 years old. as of 2018
  4. Kulwant is a traveler by passion. Nagi has traveled more than 15 countries across the world.
  5. Nagi has been featured in popular sites like Your Story and Huffington Post.
  6. In 2015, Kulwant said that he earned $8,000 – 10,000 a month through blogging.
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