Nptel Exam Pattern 2023 [Guide To Pass Exam – Tips & Tricks]

Dear Students, Faculty member, and other participants of the Nptel Exam Pattern. We should provide verified information on the latest Nptel Exam pattern 2023. We all Can Also Enroll Certification through Nptel Online Exam Pattern.

Nptel Exam Pattern

NPTEL, Full From Of Nptel:-{ National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning}

This program of NPTEL, the National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning, Government of India, has been running since 2007.

Seven IIT professors, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, have jointly prepared several online courses under the Nptel program.

NPTEL is a project run or Partner by the IITs and IISc Bangalore and is funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

During 1999-2003, NTPEL as a project generated by many discussions between IIT, Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

A proposal was jointly prepared for web-based supplement and 100 full video courses for preparing material for five courses by five IITs (Bombay, DelhiKanpurKharagpur, and Madras) and IISC, 40 hours per course.

NPTEL is a Good and Free online platform to learn And Improved our Skills from experienced professors who have More worked on the subject and have good teaching skills and experiences as well.

They explain each and every topic very patiently and clearly. In case you get any doubts about any subject retaliated than you can ask in the forum section, but you might not receive a response to your doubts as quick as you might think of.

What do I have to do to get a certificate?

If We want to get a certificated from the IITs/IISc after doing the course,
We should  First be enrolled in the course, which is free – To Watch the videos After you Submit the weekly Assignments.

Register for the in-person or certification exam with an included fee of Rs 1100 per course – Come to write the exam at the designated exam center – Pass the exam with a consolidated score of 40% or above.

Enroll/Register for an NPTEL Online Course

  • Step 1 – Go and Visit following link-
  • Step 2 – Click on the tab “Login Option” seen on the top right-hand corner.
  • Step 3 – Use your Google account ID and password to log in.
  • Step 4 – Choose your desired course. Please check the details on the next page and click the [Join] button. Then enter the details and click on the Join button.
  • Step 5 – Once downloaded into the course, you will be able to see it. After completing these steps, you will receive a confirmation email.

Click To Enroll NPTEL Certification Course- NPTEL

Nptel Online Exam Pattern

All candidates can download their NPTEL October Examination Admission Letter from the official website.

The entrance card will contain all the necessary details for the examination.
The entry date is on roll number, center name, and examination date of the NPTEL exam 2020. the latest pattern of the final exam on NPTEL Results.

NPTEL exams will be held in the computer-based test mode along with pen and paper modes.

Download Nptel Admit card(Hall Ticket)

  • Step 1: First visit the official website
  • Step 2: Then click on the entry letter link.
  • Step 3: Enter the required details.
  • Step 4: Click the submit button.
  • Step 5: Download the Entrance Letter.
  • Step 6: Take the print out and keep it safe.


How To Crack Nptel Exam

I Attend the NPTEL Exam Pattern this year and I have to Attend it in the previous year as well.

The exam papers of NPTEL courses of the paper will depend on the course But All Question Should Be MCQ Based.

The question should Come From Our Mostly Assignment  Question And 60% question Should Come from Quiz Assignment. And 40% question from Video Lecture.

Level Of Question Is Basic Not Much tough. We all can Easily Solve all Questions.
We Should Also watch Video With Nptel App.

Nptel Exam pattern Admit card OverView

Nptel Exam Format

Total Marks Nptel Exam: -100

Duration Of Nptel Exam Time:-3 hr

But we want to leave Exam Cell -1hr:20 Mins

  • Section I: 2 mark question(MCQ Based)
  • Section II: 2 mark question(MCQ Based)
  • Section III: 3 mark question(MCQ Based)

The number of questions in each section will depend on your course and obviously on the professor who is setup Exam the question paper.

Lets rough Example of Total Of No Of Question

Total No question is =50

  • Section I :-10 Question(MCQ Based)
  • Section II:-15 Question(MCQ Based)
  • Section III:-25 Question (MCQ Based)

What is the passing mark of the NPTEL exam?

Passing Marks Of Nptel Exam is Over All [40-59 Score] To get a Successfully Complete the Course. if We Score Less Than[>40] Than You in fail Category No Certificate Provide Through Nptel Online Course

Score Types Of Certificate
>=90 Elite+gold Medals
60-89 Elite
40-59 Successfully Completed the Course
<40 No Certificate

Exam pattern of NPTEL certification exams With Offical Image.

Passing Marks Of Nptel Exam
Passing Marks Of Nptel Exam

Nptel Exam Certificate Overviews


Result Status Of October 28,2020 Exam:- Click

Result Status Of October 7,2019 Exam:-   Click

Is it difficult to clear the NPTEL Certification Exam Not a difficult task to clear the NPTEL certification.Very Easy If We Study All Videos And Solve All Quiz or Assignment Of Nptel Time To Time Than We Easy To scores Above 80%.

My Experience This Year and Previous Year

In the previous year, Experienced there were questions from the assignment mostly(60% Quiz and 40% video Lecture And Some questions From handwritten notes).

But the sad part of the story is that I just did not study the question and did not study from handwritten notes, instructor notes, and videos.

So I had to stay in the examination room for a long time because I had to solve the problem by analyzing the code assigned to the question and numerical for some of them.

3 hours remained basically enough to fill out the document.


But here comes the good part of the story. Fortunately, I also studied this time with handwritten notes, instructor notes, and videos.

So I was pretty comfortable with the questions. But yes, compared to last year, we had to think a lot to conclude the solution this time.

The conclusion is to study in-depth from the video and understand each concept explained.
You can skip the instructor’s notes, but you can also skip the content of the video.

So, I encourage you to write notes while you watch the video. This saves a lot of time a day before the exam.

Frequently Asked Question – Nptel Exam Pattern

The exam papers of NPTEL courses of the paper will depend on the course But All Question Should Be MCQ Based. The question should Come From Our Mostly Assignment Question And 60% question Should Come from Quiz Assignment. And 40% question from Video Lecture.
Mostly Are Online Exam, Only for the objective online exam. But Some Subjective Exam happens Offline and Nptel Results should be available 2-3 weeks.
Assignment mark is 25% of the final score and exam marks contribute to 75% of the final score. The pass percentage for most of the courses is only 40% which is very easy to crack. And not all of the assignments are considered for scoring 4 Week Courses - Only 3 Week Assignments are considered. 8 Week Courses- Only 6 Week Assignments are considered. 12 Week Courses - Only 8 Week Assignments are considered. Nptel Final Score = 25% of Assignment Score + 75% of Exam Score It can be seen from above, that even if you miss certain assignments is not going to affect the score much.
According To My experience No Negative Marks During Online Exam. Don't Worry About negative Marking. Nptel Exam has No Negative Marks.
Grade transfer credit depends on your status as a student and where you earned your credits from. Students who are currently studying at a college or university must get permission from their current institute if they wish to transfer credits from a course at another institution.
Yes, Because Nptel Online Course Is One of the Best Online Course Which held By Faculty Of IITS. Course Should Be in Details and Practical.
Nptel question papers are not available anywhere. Neither questions nor answers they publish. But most questions are from an assignment

Conclusion Of Nptel Exam pattern

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