20+ Best Profitable Blog Niche Ideas 2023 [Expert Choice]

Hi Blogger! Here Is Ankit Today In This Article I will Guide You Blog Niche Ideas 2023. I will also Step by Step Guide to Choose Best Profitable Blog Niche Ideas 2023 Expert Choice.


Starting a profitable blog 2023 is still quite possible in 2023 and is a great way that a living can make an online full time. With this blog niche list, I will help you identify some blog niche ideas 2023, which will make money fast.

With an established plan, you can earn money online as a blogger before the end of the year.“before starting about niche ideas I would like to tell you something about blog niche”


A niche blog, also known as a microblog, is a blog that deals with very small topics. If you started with the idea of ​​the large blog niche and delayed it many times, you would come to a micro-niche to master it.

The professionals of a niche blog are establishing their authority and developing a blog that is almost completely idle, generating traffic and subsequent revenue from the search engines for a year without working long after the initial creation. These blogs write in great detail on a small topic which is usually very profitable and gets a lot of traffic for your small but very specific keywords.


Any type of blog can be profitable as soon as you enter with an actionable plan. You can start a lifestyle blog and see what resonates after a while, and then focus on what your audience wants most and what you like to write.

You can do research ahead of time and decide to open a blog in a well-defined place or you can place it somewhere in the middle like I do with this blog.


After researching and analyzing the competition, I came up with some Blog niche Ideas 2023, where you can set up your blog for Drive a Lots Of Traffic and Profitable Earning.

So, here I go……


The food industry is a great market. Look around you, new restaurants open almost every day. Korean, Western, Chinese, etc. Whatever it is, they have it! People want to learn new recipes. They can look for ways to cook a healthy meal at home. How to prepare homemade food in less than 30 minutes, as very few of us have less time.

2. LifeStyle

The topics for lifestyle blogs are very broad, but if you think you can write anything and be successful, think again. To be successful in this space, you need to be able to solve the problem that many people face, such as how to clean your house.

It could also be something that many people are passionate about, for example, Bullet Journal or RV Living. So, if you like lifestyle blogs, then not only write but write on topics that add value to people’s lives.

3.Gift Ideas

Here in this niche, you are solving the biggest problems of people that are limited to just a few gift ideas, you know on any occasion, the most common gifts that people send out are mugs, photo frames, and bouquets. Simply, we have no choice.

So, if you have some amazing gift ideas, why not share them with your audience? You can also sell your own gift products on your blog, you can do affiliate marketing with Amazon products.I can say that this blog will be one of the best and most creative niches to start your blogging career.

4.Health & Fitness

This niche became more popular and crowded as the population grows every minute, more people become ill and become diseased.

If you plan to start a health blog, keep in mind that Google takes shared knowledge with its audience to health niche blogs very seriously. It should be authentic and clear in its recommendations and solutions.

Nowadays, most health blogs mislead people and try to sell through their blogs using affiliate products.

5. Personality Development

It is the only niche that is common to all, almost everyone wants to develop in their personality and look mature. If you are interested and have a good understanding of attitude development, you can also try this place, it is a growing industry of the present generation. Share your knowledge with people willing to update themselves in terms of self-development.

Even if you are a good speaker and influential person, you can also try to create video content for YouTube, which will help you reach a wider audience and generate an additional source of income.

Competition is increasing in this industry. If you want to start, do it now, otherwise, it will be late to rank after your competitor.

6.Beauty & fashion

The beauty and fashion industry are also growing year after year. The funny thing about beauty and fashion blogs is that you may also have a chance to try these products or have access to some beauty and fashion events.

Since beauty and fashion are very visual, most bloggers in this blog will focus on Instagram or YouTube.

7. Personal Finance

Are you talking a lot about tips for saving money? Why not share those tips with a wider group of people? I mean, why not start a blog and give advice? That’s a good idea, isn’t it? Yes, helping others save their money is a really good idea.

Money is the only thing that everyone on this planet likes, anyone can earn money, however, the biggest challenge is saving that money. Depending on your experience and interest, you can also recommend various investment and savings schemes.


I would love to find a great online resource for building basics. I have some ideas for products that I would like to invent for my audience, but I have no idea where to start.

In a blog like this, you can write about how to create an engineering plan for a product, where to go to make it cheaper, outsource to China, etc. This would be a great topic for an engineer or someone who is fond of inventing and wants to share information as they learn it, to write.


In this niche, you can write about parenting tips, baby care, how a new mom can take better care of her baby. You can also write about products that anyone can use to make your upbringing life more comfortable, you can easily promote Amazon products, use affiliate links that give you Will help to benefit from your traffic.

If you’re not a parent, don’t try to fool people, because inexperienced, you won’t give false advice, which will ruin your blogging career. However, I always recommend niche blogging for profit, but not to fool anyone and play with your feelings.


Are you also searching for events online for networking? No/Yes/maybe? No? No problem, I am searching, and I was very disappointed that there are very few websites/blogs who are sharing information regarding upcoming events and meetups, facebook’s Local App is an example of a kind.

Here you have opportunities to let people get updated with the latest events and meetups around them.

11. Photography

A photography market is practically an ideal place. I’m not into it because I’m not into photography, but even an amateur can do well in this place. We are all photographers with smartphones these days. We take large amounts of photos;

Many of us care about taking better photos. And then there is a massive demand for website photos through stock photography, which is a niche that I think is incredible. If I were a photographer, I would also work on building a stock photography business.

12.Local Blog

I love the idea of a local blog. In practice, it’s very difficult. First, you need to choose an approach Considering  Local news like Politics, crime, business, sports, etc

Yes, you can turn it into a travel and local news site. The travel angle caters to visitors. The news angle caters to residents. My biggest problem is development. Until it manages to establish itself as a local New York City or any other big city blog, its growth potential is limited.

My only other problem is that I am not sure I can beat local reviews from Google, Trip Advisor, or Yelp. They are very good long-lasting sites that will be difficult to follow. My third problem, especially if you go the news route, is that nothing you post is perennial. This is the problem with news sites in general, but national news sites get a lot of traffic, right.

13.Mommy Blog

This is a blog that publishes information for mothers. This may include advice, inspiration, and entertainment. There is really no limit to the types of content you post. Furthermore, it is conceptual. Such a blog can go in many directions, which is a big reason why I like it. Instead of focusing on specific topics, it targets audiences interested in a variety of topics from a parenting standpoint.

14. Pet

If you like pets and have pets, a pet niche is great. Potential traffic is much larger than SEO and Pinterest. There are lots of all types of keywords. While I generally prefer the broad bottom, the pet vertical is where I would focus on a particular type of aquarium dog or less common pet like a fish or hamster. For example, if you had a German Shepherd dog and knew a lot about dog training and care, you would have no problem running a niche site on German Shepherd dogs.

15. Interview

In fact, the interviewer niche can be a super lucrative business and requires a skill set that many people do not have (including me). This niche is not targeted at keywords, except for the names of famous people who are interviewed (usually in the business world).

How this niche works. It is very simple. Interview with people. You can quickly increase traffic by tapping into the influence and brand of the people you interview. Probably the best approach is to leverage your interview content in a text-based interview, a podcast, and a video. It can also tap material far and wide.

As your audience grows, you will be able to interview big names. Tim Ferris has a large audience and is interviewed with the world’s top business leaders and celebrities. They are interviewed because of the free contact they receive. They leverage the audience of interviewers so that they grow.

16.Car Review

If you like cars, this can be a great place. As long as you can test the cars you are reviewing (or can buy one) it is not difficult to create content. If you have access to test drives of many cars, you will have a lot of fun. Turn on your video camera, take lots of photos, and take a walk. Will write the review himself.

There is a lot of interest in auto reviews. Before I rented my recent car, I reviewed countless articles and websites in which I reviewed cars with comparable cars. I enjoyed doing this because it is an exciting purchase.

If it is just you, then start focusing on a particular type of vehicle, such as luxury cars, crossovers, SUVs, electric cars, and so on. As your site grows and earns more money, it can expand.

17.Gifts & Memes

This is one of the trendings and bearing nets you can enter. Also, the issue here is that you can make memes and jiffs on any trending topic, you also know that trending topics get more traction than any other traditional outbreak, you understand what I mean.

The only major downside here is that your blog posts and meme will not be perennial, you should digest this major concern and your traffic will also fluctuate depending on the trends.


This is the best industry. If you love politics, then everyone knows how this industry works, I mean, how politicians fight each other, they can make a profit, because people in this industry Looking more at the latest trends.

If you are interested and prefer to talk more about politics, nothing can stop you from achieving success, just show what you take from news channels and newspapers, make that news more engaging and Try to be creative, always remember that the more creative you are, the more traffic and attention you will receive.

19.Home Decor

If you are passionate about arts and crafts, you should try this place, because it is all about the craft, and we can call it a sub-niche.

Nowadays people take their decorations very seriously, especially women, as the internet is also entering the rural world, users are showing their interest in looking for results related to decoration ideas if you have creativity and passion. You can be a blogger home décor. You can help them find ideas through which they can decorate their homes with clever objects and spread positive vibes.

In addition, you can classify ideas according to the bedroom, kitchen, birthday decoration idea, home decoration idea with west material, the idea of ​​specific countries.

20. Biography & Wikipedia

Many Visitors search for people who are popular or getting fame Like Celebrities, Youtuber. Blogger(Like Shradha Sharma Owner Of YourStory.Com) So if you love reading or writing the biography of other celebrities or Youtubers then you should write about Upcoming celebrities who all are not famous, however, in the limelight and will be becoming the next big star of the industry.

21.WordPress themes

This is one of the most profitable blog niches however On these Day this becomes more saturated and has With Increase some competition. Wp blog .com is a famous blog in this industry and making in 5 figures monthly Earning.

Selling the WordPress theme is one of great Niche to Earn Lots Of Money. We Can Also Create a Sub Niche like WordPress Theme Review.

22.Productive Tips

People want to do fast and are always looking for tools, technology, or advice to help them do more. Productivity tips are the foundation of many online blogs. If I told you that I could prolong your days and finish more work, make more calls, etc., you would be interested, Of course, you will. Time is important

In your next blog post, include engaging productivity tips, either by showing how your product or service increases productivity or by sharing what productivity tips and tricks work for you.

So, as I covered 20 blog niche ideas, you can work and get more traffic for your blogging success.


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