How To Start an Instagram Blog In 2024: [Instagram Marketing Strategies]

Hi, Blogger! Here is Ankit! Today, In This Article, I will guide you on How To Start an Instagram Blog In 2024 and also Provide Step by Step Guidance to start an Instagram Blog & Instagram Marketing Strategies.

How To Start an Instagram Blog In 2024

Instagram Marketing Strategies In 2021

There’s no denying the power and potential of social media in marketing. Its popularity allows brands across different industries to boost their reach and exposure. It’s evident in platforms like Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social networking sites today.

According to statistics, Instagram has about 1.074 users worldwide as of this year. That vast user base is a significant catalyst for its growth in potential marketing reach, which increased to 76 million people in the last quarter of 2020. These numbers alone are appealing for businesses to use Instagram to market their brand to their target audience.

The advantages are there; it’s just a matter of capitalizing on them and making sure your brand is competitive enough. Social media is a vast marketing field that will need the right approach for utilizing them well. With that, here are the best Instagram marketing strategies you can use this year.

If you want to start a blog on Instagram, before starting it, you can follow the Given Steps are:-

Step 1: First sign up on Instagram

Step 2: After that, your profile has to be created

Step 3: Then Click on the edit profile

Step 4: You will have to select switch to professional account option

Step 5: After that, Select the Category 

The blogger is best for those who want to write on social issues or to write their own content or want to influence people and the second option is Business It is better for those who are shopkeepers and want to promote their business or brand or for those who want to promote their organization.

In both these options, you have to select the business person, after that, if you want to fill in your personal information, then you can, or you do not want to fill in information then you can also leave it blank. If you want to change your information then you can change it anytime when you want to change it.

Instagram Marketing Strategies In 2024


Step 1: Use the business profile feature

For marketing purposes, using a business account is more suitable for marketers. The business account is tailor-made to promote products, services, and other business offers. In addition, it gives you access to tools that you can use to keep improving your brand’s marketing strategy.

Said features include Instagram Insights, where you can see valuable data that you can use to evaluate your methods to see which content is attracting leads. Besides that, there are also Instagram ads, where you can pay for boosting your product’s reach through advertisements and a call-to-action button on your profile that helps in increasing your conversion rate.

You can do a lot more things with a business account, which is why even an award-winning social media agency would use it to leverage all the advantages Instagram has for marketing. Here’s how you to create a business account on Instagram:

  • After downloading the app, open it and tap Sign Up With Email or Phone Number for Android or Create New Account for iOS.
  • Enter your email address or phone number, then tap Next
  • Create your username and password
  • Fill out your profile and tap Next
  • Go to your profile and tap the upper right corner
  • Tap Settings, then Account.
  • Tap to Switch to professional account
  • Tap Business and follow the prompts

You can also connect your business’s Facebook page to your Instagram account. This option makes it easier to use all features for businesses across Facebook’s family of apps.

Step 2: Optimize Your Bio

Your Instagram bio serves as users’ first look at your brand. Thus, you need to ensure that it’s optimized to catch the attention of your target audience. It should be engaging, informative, and eye-catching to draw potential customers into looking at your content.

You can use your bio to give a basic description of your product or service and what kind of content you plan to post. A useful tip for creating an optimized biography is to be social and friendly. Avoid being too formal while being informative and interesting.

Instagram marketing strategy 2021

You can also add a trackable link to it. For example, add a URL that you want to drive more traffic to, such as a product page or your website. This way, your target audience can see it and visit it, which will boost leads.

Aside from your bio, the other parts of your profile can also help showcase your brand’s personality. Besides a link to your website, you can also include your contact details on your business account. Including your address or your email will help interested customers take action to connect with you.

Step 3: Study Your Audience

Do your research when it comes to your audience or potential customers. It’ll help determine who you can reach best with your Instagram marketing efforts. You can start with the statistics about the demographics of Instagram users and compare them to your objectives.

For example, Statista found that people under the age of 35 dominate Instagram. This is because 71% of its users belong to that demographic, with the popular age range being 25-34. So if your target audience falls under that age range, then now you know what type of content you have to create to appeal to them and edge out your competitors.

Step 4: Utilize The Power of Hashtags

The concept of using hashtags became popular, and when used well, your brand can benefit from it. Using them significantly impacts how many people will see your posts. Hence, you have to use the right ones that will connect with your target audience.

You can research keywords specific to your industry that will make your posts visible to interested people. You can also look at the hashtags that your competitors use and do something similar. It’s better to use these specific keywords as hashtags because your content won’t get lost in the general topics that most users are using.

Aside from using relevant and specific hashtags, you should also limit how many you should write with your captions. According to Hubspot, the average number of hashtags a business account use is 10.7. However, you should use less than that because studies found that engagement decreases for posts with six or more.

Step 5: Maximize The Reach of Instagram Stories

Instagram itself found that businesses post a third of their most-viewed Stories. Various research also found that Stories are the platform’s most popular feature. It can boost your brand’s reach and engagement significantly.

The fact that Instagram users view more business Stories proofs its effectiveness. If you can combine the narratives that you tell with your brand identity, your audience will easily connect with you. That contributes to building brand loyalty, so you must ensure that every Story you post contains relevant and useful information and align them with your brand’s voice and aesthetic.

Another reason to excel in making Stories is that there are a lot of users who post them.  Five hundred million users post Stories every day, which means the well is deep that you have to think of ways to stand out.

Advantages of Starting an Instagram Blog

  1. After creating a personal blog, your reach will be increased.
  2. Anybody can show your photos, stories.
  3. You can influence more people.

Disadvantages of Starting Instagram Blog

  1. The only disadvantage is that there is no private personal blog option, anybody can access your photos, stories and he can download your photo or stories and use that.

Final thoughts about Instagram Marketing Strategie

These marketing strategies for Instagram have been proven effective for many other businesses, which means using them can best help yours. In addition, these methods involve the most helpful features on the platform that you can use because the best assets that you got are the ones that are already there.


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