How to Promote the Virtual Event Through a Blog

Hi, Blogger! Here is Ankit! Today, In This Article, I will guide you on the Promote Online Events Through Blog in 2021 and also Provide How To Promote the Virtual Event Through a Blog.

Virtual Reality or VR and the need for social distancing in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic are forcing organizers to conduct most major events online. At the same time, there’re various other benefits that event organizers or businesses of all sorts can derive from holding online events.

There Are several ways to get the most from your online event. However, in my opinion, blogging is very helpful for this purpose for several reasons. Therefore, in this article, we will explore exactly how blogging is helpful to get the most from an online event.

8 Ways to Promote the Virtual Event Through a Blog

Let’s start by understanding that Start a blog isn’t expensive, especially if it’s for a single event. You can refer to this incredible blog on ankitblog for reference. This article could provide some vital reasons why your business requires a blog and possibly, encourage you to launch one quickly.

A domain name and WordPress hosting with other essentials would cost anything between 24.83 Pound sterling and 49.66 Pound sterling only, depending on the provider and other factors.

At the same time, running a blog for an online event isn’t also very difficult. In fact, lots of Asset Management Companies are now hosting online webinars and open-house sessions to attract more investors in India.

If this sounds interesting enough, let’s see how you could leverage blogging to get the most from your online event.

Promote the Virtual Event Through a Blog

1). Create Superb Content

There’s a common adage in the world of blogging. It says: “Content is the King of the Blog.” And that holds true when you’re blogging for an online event too. When you create superb content that’s relevant to a broad number of readers and engage them, you’ll find lots of followers. Though some of these followers might not necessarily attend the online event, they’ll spread the word around to their friends or relatives that could have some interest in that particular online event.

2). Email Marketing

A blog allows people to post comments and leave their email addresses. Generally and as a rule, only those persons that are seriously interested in an online event will part with their email IDs. As you know, nobody wants spam emails and people nowadays also fear their email IDs can fall into the wrong hands and could be misused for any purpose. 

Hence, people that provide their email addresses on your blog contact form are those genuinely interested. You can keep them updated about the latest content on the blog to generate more interest in the online event. And often, these people would sign-up to attend your event.

3). Content from Key Persons

A blog allows you to post content actually written by key persons that will be speaking or performing at an online event. These can include anything from industry analysis to the latest news about a particular trade, performance skills, and techniques. When you upload content written by key persons that’ll participate in the online event, it’s obvious you’ll be attracting their fans and followers to your blog. And they too can translate as attendees for the online event.

It’s also possible to post or upload short videos by these key persons on your Event blogging site. Such videos have a greater impact and can actually lead to a surge in the number of followers for the blog.

4). Inviting Sponsors for the Online Event

Another way to get the most from your online event through blogging is by inviting sponsors. Providing a registration form on the blog for sponsors can help in this endeavor. 

Obviously, you’ll have to upload content that speaks about the benefits of sponsoring your online event. And what a sponsoring individual or organization can get from your blog. Generally, they will offer paid content, if they wish to get their message through to followers of your blog and would-be participants for the event.

It’s also possible to provide hyperlinks to sponsors. These can sometimes translate as an increase in their business and would more than cover any sponsorship costs. If you see blogs of popular online events, it will be clear that they have lots of paid posts or sponsored content as well as publicity for sponsors. 

As a blog owner or organizer, you stand to gain financially by getting sponsorships for the online event or paid content.

5). List of Participants & Schedules

All participants or key persons as I term them, might not wish or be able to provide content for your blog. Instead, you can just create a list of such persons and their achievements and relevance to your online event. 

If these key persons are going to be speaking at the online event or presenting a performance, it’s also possible to provide a schedule to followers of when they can view these online. A list of key persons and a schedule complete with what they’ll present at the online event often works miracles. People that are interested in the event would sign-up as participants.

6). Affiliate Marketing

If you’re not the event organizer, opening a blog for an online event can help you make some money through affiliate marketing. For example, you can tie-up with the organizers to pay a specific amount of money per participant that enrolls through your blog or sponsors who come on board. 

Since organizers want to market any event from multiple channels, there’s a good chance that your offers would be taken seriously.

It’s also possible to sell merchandise related to the online event well in advance, before and even after its conclusion. If such merchandise is readily available, all you need to do is provide a link from where interested persons can buy the stuff. Or you can create such merchandise on an order-only basis and ship it to customers.

7). Selling Post Event Recordings

Many bloggers also sell recordings of an online event to people who couldn’t attend it live for any reason or want it for their future references. This is also a superb way to make money online

Usually, such buyers would be interested in speeches or performances or presentations by specific persons only. Hence, you’ll have to ensure they’re made during the online event and available shortly after it concludes. There’s plenty of software available that allows you to record online events and store them on the Cloud for sale and distribution to interested parties. 

8). Creating Your Personal Brand

Blogging for your online event also helps boost your brand image or helps create one. The validity of a blog site doesn’t necessarily expire after the event is over. Instead, you can use the blog to showcase your blogging skills and how they helped make the online event a success.

Regardless of whether you’re hosting the online event or it’s some other organization, blogging about an event always helps you showcase your own skills. This could translate to higher income in the future. Because other organizers of online events might look towards you for making their event successful with blogs and sponsorships.

Benefits to Promote the Virtual Event Through a Blog

Blogging for your own event is also very useful. For example, if you’re a trainer and will be holding an online workshop or training, you could use the blog to showcase your own skills and knowledge in that particular field.

Furthermore, there’re also some ways to make money from a blog for your online event, if you open one well in advance. After getting a certain number of followers, it’s possible to apply for Google AdSense(if you face Difficulties with Approval Google Adsense trick) and gets some money from your blog.

Final Thoughts about Promote the Virtual Event Through a Blog

While blogging for your online event is indeed helpful, there are some flipsides too. The main among them is proper digital marketing to popularize the blog. Since all events are time-bound, you’ll require extensive digital marketing to ensure your blog appears on top of searches on Google and other search engines.

However, you can also promote the blog through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with interesting posts and Tweets that keep people interested. Overall, blogging has been helping countless online events to succeed. And you can do the same for your online event too.


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